Well, nearly nearly done with the move to a different country. Still setting stuff up. Expect more changes/upgrades.

✅ Dual monitor
✅ Rode Procaster microphone
✅ Anne Pro 2 w/ COLEMAK
✅ Very empty desk/room/wall (still)

@yarmo that is one cutesy keeb. Where did you move to?

@mcol 1- was extremely disappointed in the Dutch people's response to the pandemic, and

2- had very limited physical interaction due to pandemic with my family who mostly live in France

So, for the time being, I've decided to move to France (as an experiment, for at least a year) and compensate for some long overdue family time.

As situations change, so might my location change in the future 😉

@yarmo Ah sad times, but happy outcome, I hope you enjoy 😁

@yarmo welcome to France! 🇫🇷😃 would you be comfortable sharing a bit more about your location? Maybe we could meet if you’re not too far and you’re ok with that 😊 @mcol

@Crocmagnon thanks! I've lived for 18-ish years in the Dordogne, left for 5 years and have now returned in the Landes.

If that's in your neighborhood, let me know! Can provide more detailed location in DM


@yarmo @mcol Too far for me! I’m in Rhône-Alpes 😄

Well, anyway welcome back and I hope you’ll enjoy your stay 😊

@yarmo so clean and shiny 👏 :blobaww:
Although that one twisted red keyboard cable distracting my eyes ;)

@yarmo your Anne Pro2 is a lot more colorful than mine, looks great! I'm really impressed with it's battery life (I use it as a travel/work keyboard so it lasts weeks). Did you make any other mods?

@yarmo nice! Those key caps have a nice soothing look to it. Loving the setup. Congrats on the move!

@yarmo Good to hear that you are settling. I am sure this will do good to you!

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