@yarmo @musicmatze keyoxide is awesome, I haven't managed to prove my xmpp yet though

@rob @yarmo @musicmatze how is independent proof of identity being used in other systems?

@travisfw @yarmo @musicmatze I don't know if it is, but that's the point? It's a way for an individual to say hey, these are all my accounts and I'm linking them with my public key

How so? Do they visit me at home to verify I am who I claim to be?
@yarmo @travisfw

@musicmatze @yarmo @travisfw no 🤓

You add proofs to your own PGP key and publish it, these proofs correlate to something you've added to an account you control. I.e. https://gitea.loranger.xyz/rob/gitea_proof

The web app, which is also self hostable, just looks up your key and verifies the proofs are signed by your hey and exist on the related account as seen here https://keyoxide.org/hkp/rob@loranger.xyz
@musicmatze @yarmo like keybase except decentralized and you don't your your private key to some server
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