Finally, I have taken the time to sit down and write about my personal transformation of late, my ongoing quest for productivity and learning how to work properly in this day and age.

It felt good to get this written down and reflect on the stuff that has happened. This is me still adapting to a post-academia life, almost 1.5 years after I shut my office door at the university for the last time.

@yarmo glad to hear you are finding your grove again! Thanks for sharing! It’s definitely true that not all work is created equal. I think I tend to lose sight of that too when I’m in desperate need to feel productive.

@yarmo Nice! I've had that book on my list for a while, maybe I should bump it up in priority. I hope you find a way to be part of the fediverse that gives you the benefits but not the negatives.

@yarmo I have been wondering where you ha e been mate! Fediverse missed you!

@yarmo An essential part of any healthy diet: wander and return! :blobfoxcomfyhappy:

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