"The "Do Not Track" header was detected. If you consent, this preference will be ignored by Beamtic, but it might still be used by partners.

It is recommended not to rely on DNT to prevent tracking, since servers can, and often do, ignore it entirely."

The logic presented here is doing my head in.

...I had to read it twice to understand fully. And then the headache started.

@yarmo Reminds me of War Games: "nuclear war is "a strange game" in which "the only winning move is not to play."

@yarmo "It is recommended not to rely on stop signs to prevent accidents, since drivers can, and often do, ignore them entirely."

Haha. Yep.

@Hawk1291 @yarmo "It is recommended not to rely on the laws, since criminals can and often do ignore them entirely"

@yarmo, maybe I’m thinking differently, but it sounds like they’re giving you a heads up: DNT is an unenforceable suggestion, like robots.txt, so don’t have a false sense of security from the magic setting. At least they ask? Now, whether you can trust them not to track you...

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