Trying to do some actual work with my split keyboard. So far: not having dedicated arrow keys is hurting my brain more than I had expected.

@yarmo I'm still way out of practice with mine, but once I figured out the arrow keys that's been one of my favorite parts.

No doubt, though, learning a completely new keyboard layout is hard. And I picked blank keys and decided to use it to learn Dvorak because my dark secret is I never want to be happy.

@nebunez @yarmo

Ohhhhh I need this in my life. I'm used to a 60% keyboard (v60 with matias quiets) and this seems like a perfect fit for my next keyboard ❤️

@yarmo Looks cool, the main goal is to get more things done or 'just for fun'?

@hejowhat eventually, I hope to be more productive. I got sold on the theory "less keys so less movement for each fingers". After two months I'm finally getting the hang of colemak. Now I need to practice using a split 40% keyboard: numbers, arrows, modifiers.

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