So I accidentally visited an Instagram page. The following interaction with the website really should not surprise me.

Website: "Accept cookies from Instagram on this browser?"

Options: "Accept" or "Learn More"

We choose "Learn More"

"Continue to Instagram by accepting cookies?"

Options: "Accept" or "Back"

Choosing "Back" will bring us back to the first "question" (with giant airquotes)

@yarmo The same as Google. In theory is possible to disable them but they make you click thousands of links.

@yarmo haha if you don't accept the cookies they don't tell you about the cookies

@yarmo has this the other day. Opened in Firefox focus instead, and then it blocked the content without a login. Screw these guys, and Pinterest too

@yarmo This stuff is a form of malicious compliance. They follow the cookie low in the most obnoxious way in order to push blame on the legal system.

@yarmo i hope this stuff boils up to a mass non-compliance soon and put an end to it

@yarmo I'm looking for a text adventure in this style.

"You're on a website. A dialogue appears…"

@yarmo at least they are kind, you can escape by closing the tab :p some websites were preventing you from doing this, remember....

@yarmo I surf without js, so no question for me :D now the site doesn't work at all either, but I've never been on instagram, so it doesn't bother me that much :)

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