Just woke up from a dream in which I was part of a videogame with a neat story, and I remember clearly I was pleasantly surprised by the plot twist at the end.

Thing is, I just checked, I don't think such a game exists or at least, I don't know of its existence.

So my subconscious managed to write a story and keep the plot twist secret so that I felt actually surprised by it when it happened?

Damn, if only I knew how to make games (and had the time to learn it and then do it)

@yarmo Its not hard to make games if you want it. Why don't you create an RPG game with that story of yours. I heard many RPG games with good storylines are made in fox engine. Its time consuming but somewhat worth it.(maybe)

@XxAlexXx I didn't know about that one! Proprietary though 👀

But your comment made me think, I could turn it into one of those story/text based games! Don't remember what the exact name of that genre is

@yarmo Explain which type of game like the world and the storyline and I will probably guess the genre. Cmon tell me

idea for storyline for text-based game? 

@XxAlexXx haha no problem, it's not a secret!

Probably inspired by The Forest and Outer Wilds. Maybe even ARQ (movie). Not sure, can't ask my head.

Everything I describe is what was in my dream. Must be adjusted for practical use.

3 separate groups of friends, totalling aroung 20 characters, maybe less. Start at beach/beachside town. You always play the same person. Every game is no longer than 20 minutes.


idea for storyline for text-based game? 

5 minutes beachside, 5 minutes sailing, 10 minutes on an island.

All three groups remain mostly separate. On your first playthrough, you probably won't know the other groups exist.

Beach goes well, sailing goes well, shit hits the fan on the island. Somehow (traps? enemies?), a few of your friends die and their bodies mysteriously disappear. Further explore the island. Find lab. More shit happens.


idea for storyline for text-based game? 

@XxAlexXx In the end, game turns a bit horror (interesting because I don't like horror games 😅 ) and there's a big juicy boss who most certainly defeats you.

But right before boss fight, you see a big screen with names, somehow pointing out that those people have died on the island and their souls (or whatever) were used to form the boss.

So now, the "actual game" starts.


idea for storyline for text-based game? 

@XxAlexXx you start over at the beach. The game is now to either prevent the people from going to the island (by any means necessary 😉 ) but without looking suspicious. For those you cannot prevent from going to the island, you must manage to keep the most alive to weaken the boss fight. Maybe even make an ultimate win condition where no boss is even possible.


idea for storyline for text-based game? 

@XxAlexXx That's the idea. What a weird dream that was.

A lot of paths should interact. Save one person but then they do something later on which will cause the death of another person.

Also needs motivation. Why not just not go to island? Have a friend who's already on island perhaps?

I think it could be a fun idea but not sure how to execute this. Text-based games don't really have time concepts. "Real game" -> big effort...

What ya think?


idea for storyline for text-based game? 

@yarmo Hmmm An RPG thriller game with multiple endings

idea for storyline for text-based game? 

@yarmo Yeah it is possible. As an example check purgatory 2

idea for storyline for text-based game? 

@XxAlexXx thanks, I'll have a look!

idea for storyline for text-based game? 

@XxAlexXx that looks cool!!

idea for storyline for text-based game? 

@yarmo It was made by fox engine. If you can illustrate your characters and do some sound effects boom you have all you need for a game. Many games are RPG but have very awesome storyline. :)

idea for storyline for text-based game? 

@yarmo So You could have multiple endings in an RPG Battle Royale Game or a decision based game like telltale games but that is a lot of effort. Make decisions on the interactions to get the endings and also based on the fights. Yeah it will take time but why not? Yours is like umm like a battle royale game.

@yarmo Same thing happened to me the other night 😄
I have this game idea and nothing to do with it!

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