So interesting to see different communities react to the lastpass news.

Reddit => mass exodus to bitwarden
=> mass adoption of keepass

Once you walk out of those walled gardens 😎


To mend the disconnect between my two posts here: I have used keepass and love the idea. But eventually, having gone through a few synchronization issues deleting passwords as well as android apps that were never good enough (for me), I decided it wasn't ripe to be my main password manager. I will try again but I am happy with bitwarden with custom server.

@yarmo Keepass is great if you have a central location and you want to keep a single file in it. We use it at work for system passwords, license keys, vendor login credentials etc which need to stay on-site and don't belong on someone's phone.

I have a self-hosted Bitwarden for my own general use and love it heaps because I want tight integration on my phone where I don't have a real keyboard and don't want to mess about with stuff much.

@yarmo keepassDX on mobile got pretty solid with the last few updates. i quite like keepass and being able to sync the database with synching all over the place :)

@olivia @yarmo agreed. I've tried alternatives but always ended up back on KeePassDX
@jawsh @yarmo @olivia

I've been using a Keepass database and Syncthing for a few years now, you can chose from different front ends too

Its an excellent combination for password management (you can activate file versioning too)

@yarmo keepass2android was a game changer for me especially after Android added native autofill. Using it with Nextcloud and Yubikey challenge-response and haven't had a sync issue in years.

@yarmo I'm happy with keepass2android. Still installed from play store...

What are you missing and which did you try?

@daniels I don't remember which I tried, but I remember some were lacking fingerprint, others didn't support OTP, etc

I think it's time to give keepass2android a new chance!

@yarmo all features I don't know :D I need sync and auto fill. Both are provided. Not sure if it provides those features.

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