And thus, the ends.

I replaced the power supply despite measuring all the correct voltages at each pin.

And that fixed it. No more crashes. Thanks to all!

@lopeztel haha yeah, PC has been out of order for a little over a week! Replaced the motherboard as well, but that made no difference. Already halfway to assembling a new computer 🙈

Great timing for a mental health week though😉 or two

@yarmo It never ends does it? I still have the old parts of the original computer I got from a friend, I guess I could just buy an extra power supply and use it as a server.

@yarmo Glad that you were able to figure it out! :clap:
When troubleshooting strange behaviour on a desktop PC the power supply is always my prime suspect
In my experience failure rate is just much higher than for most motherboards and processors, especially if they are on the edge of being underrated for a build/upgrade or not from a trusted manufacturer.

@yarmo BTW Perhaps you don't have throw the power supply away as it can still be good for delivering lower power. Power supplies can age and therefore no longer be able to deliver their rated power but oftentimes a 500 W unit can still reliably output like 150 or 300 Watts and power some hobbyist projects that need 5 or 12 V if you like to tinker around.

@totoroot that is interesting, I'd love to learn more "alternative" use cases for old PSUs!

But this boi is 10 months old with a 24 month warranty, so it is getting fixed (I hope)

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