@yarmo Eh, kind of an overreaction. The RPi collection is already 'bloated' with lots of tools for using the Pi in various ways. Adding Microsoft's VSCode repo just makes it easier to install a *very popular* source code editor.

While the decision to add it might have been murky, ultimately it's up to the Raspbian people to make that decsision. You're not really forced to use it.

Lets not be sensationalist about it.

@nathand the decision and the *way* it is done. Very un-everything they stand for.

Sure it's their decision to include unsolicited repos. As it is our decision to not accept this and promote against these practices.

You are not wrong. You say "overreaction". Opting out is easy, so why the fuss?

I say "slippery slope ahead".

@yarmo I don't know much about the Rasbian governance board, but if it's anything like the Debian one, I'd agree. I'd wager that it's not, though. It exists to help sell RPi units and give people an leaping off point for using the device.

In fact, it looks like it's two guys: raspbian.org/RaspbianTeam

Probably with the help of some maintainers and the RPi folks for technical fixes and platform-specific updates.

@nathand: You mix up things:

Rasbian.org is the #Raspbian Project which recompiles #Debian packages for the #RaspberryPi.

#RaspberryPiOS is *not* by the Raspbian Guys but is actually built upon Raspbian by adding additional #APT repos and is run by the #RaspberryPiFounddation.

Raspbian has nothing to do with this hostile act of adding a third-party APT repo without knowledge of the admins.

@yarmo Glad I went with Arch on two of my Pi’s. I need to check the third one which runs DietPi. That’s based on Raspbian.

@yarmo Yeah it’s a very minimal ARM build.

@yarmo I need to switch to Debian on my pi. Yeah I don't need to install microsoft programs but its not as secure.

@yarmo I noticed that too. Just delete it. Raspberry Pi OS (as it is called now) is meant to be a first step into the world of Linux. Now, if you want to see extra software that lots of folks won't use, give Twister a try on your Pi. It even comes with AM2R installed, which is cool, and an icon to switch between Windows-like theme and Mac-like.

@bbbhltz: According to a comment in that file it won't help. But it helps: It only installs that repo when upgrading from #raspberrypi-sys-mods below version 20210125.

But you should also remove /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/microsoft.gpg

And there's still a big difference to all #nonfree software they so far shipped with #RaspberryPiOS: They all came from the #RaspberryPiFoundation's #APT repository.

Adding a #3rdparty APT repo to which apt connects upon every "apt update" is a huge #privacy #FAIL.

@xtaran agreed! Now, is there money behind this decision?

@bbbhltz: Honestly, I don't know. Maybe, but if so then likely not only.

I'm convinced that shipping #RaspberryPiOS with otherwise rather expensive #Mathematica despite there are free alternatives available in #Debian and hence also #Raspbian is a way to hook up people to it so that they also buy it for their PC. And I can imagine that #WolframResearch even paid for having it installed by default.

Likewise probably for #Minecraft and other #nonfree software included as "recommended software".

@yarmo Does it install the MS Software on it out of the box? Doesn't look like it.
Does it ping to make sure the source is alive when you run an update? Yes
Do apt naturally check to make sure repos are still alive? More than likely.
Do you know every repo that it hits? I bet not.
Really a non-starter.
P.S. Bill Gates doesn't have anything to do with running Microsoft anymore.
P.P.S. Linux runs great on Windows, and having bash as a CLI choice works beautifully.

@siliconshecky: I bet @yarmo does know every #APT repo on his machines. At least I do. Well, did, until that bold and #privacy-ignoring #raspberrypi-sys-mods update. Now I do again.

@yarmo Made the switch a long time ago, mainly to get access to the increased repo of software haha.

Even had to change architectures: chiraag.me/blog/2019/07/28/con

@yarmo There is an unofficial 64-bit build of Gentoo for the #raspberrypi 3/4.


The GitHub project hosts a bootable SD card image. Being #gentoo #Linux it's reasonably lean and fast.

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