I love the podcast, but... FUCK the latest 171 episode.

Paraphrasing: "I hate that Twitter can decide who gets banned, I wish people made different social platforms where there is no central power like that".

Yes, I live in a fediverse bubble. But surely, with just a tiny bit of research, they could have found the fediverse, right? At least, Mastodon?

Now they leave it hanging as all other article: "Twitter sucks, but what can we do? No good alternatives"

Actual quote: "But what I want to happen out of this is people to build more websites that can have their own rules, they can have the viewpoints they want or don’t want on them, so that losing your account on one website isn’t such a big deal. That’s what I’m hoping will happen."

I was listening and in my head, it was: "He is going to say it, he is going to say it!"

And he just left it hanging there.

@yarmo Did you contact them already about this? More people need to know.

@yarmo it's infuriating. The fediverse is such a good solution to the problem at hand and still for some reason Parler got so much publicity instead of the fediverse...

(not that I want that kind of people anywhere near me on the fediverse, ito be clear)

@Matter @yarmo Also I think better not to keep them all isolated in one place where they end up making each other worse.

@yarmo knowing how tech audiences tend to be I'm sure their inbox is full of emails telling them about mastodon.

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