What saddens me a little is that I always just go straight to github if I want to learn more about a project, assuming they're on there.

What saddens me most is that my assumption is always correct.

@yarmo yeah I don't really like doing it much either but it's usually the best option.

@yarmo, gives me the most results and information. Unless it something like a GNU core util where the man pages will yeild the most knowledge.

@yarmo I just moved all my own projects back to GitHub from a self-hosted Gitea instance and your observation describes a lot of why it was necessary.

@yarmo in a search engine I'll often type "projectname" to skip the marketing homepage and get straight to the readme. I'm always happy when it doesn't work, but sadly it's not often.

@yarmo true. And I'm always pleasantly surprised when it's Gitlab because I much prefer the interface. And the fact it's not owned by microsoft.

Been running a Gitlab instance at work for a few weeks and I'm just blown away by what a great product it is.

I always have to cry about the gitlab interface.
Prefer gitea or GitHub. I hold no grudge against GitHub, but am currently active on @codeberg and self hosted gitea.


@sexybiggetje @fedops @codeberg @yarmo Codeberg is the best choice for me, there's a growing community and choosing Gitea doesn't mean you have to be self-hosting an isolated server.

@yarmo yup I use duckduckgo’s !gh a lot. Usually for finding libraries in my programming language. E.g. !gh mastodon language:crystal

Sad but true.

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