Can I just say I'm tired of the endless stream of "no, you should have joined X" and "no, don't join Y, Z is far better".

It's not that I don't think it too, I do. I have preferences that are not being promoted.

But this is the attitude that is driving people away from using our beloved privacy-oriented solutions. Each of us lecturing the other among ourselves. I'd stay the hell out and go with the biggest walled garden everyone outside of FOSS is raving about if I didn't know any better.

@yarmo I'm 100% with you, the last days have been crazy and I'm tired of this, I posted once that there are some conveniences that I'm currently not willing to part with, like youtube for videos and I got endless amounts of comments telling how to "do it right" when I already stated I was not willing to change it at the moment, it gets so tiring.

@yarmo Me being the second guy when someone tells me that , a service I've been happily using for years, is not in the least secure enough and I have to move over to or and tell all my friends about it too

@yarmo just like os flame wars; use what works for you. If others don't, that's their choice :)

@sexybiggetje @yarmo Tbh I think that is a good notion to have but you should make sure your tools respect you as much as possible.

It would suck to have a hammer that only wanted to hammer in certain brands of nails for example.

Or a voice assistant that constantly sent audio recording to strangers.

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