Do not change your password today. Instead, get yourself a password manager. Can be free, can be paid. Generate different random passwords for each of your accounts.

Do yourself a favor and make this one of your New Year's resolution.

The last two PWmanagers left me annoyed, because of partial disfunctionality. Can someone plz suggest which free pwm I can trust and use without being annoyed?


@Easydor what PWmanagers did you use? Remember you generally get what you pay for.

Keepass is great as long as you handle the file syncing if you want your passwords on multiple passwords. Bitwarden is my backup PWmanager of choice. I've recently switched to pass (protected by a cryptographic key stored on a yubikey).

I think one of it was by norton, coming in a pack with paid AV. That was the worse one.
Well, I don't understand "if you want your passwords on multiple passwords", but I'll see.
Ty, I'll give it another chance.

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