Last time I'm bothering you with this, but......... kanban boards is now in the latest stable release! No more waiting! Long live 1.13.0 🎉

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@yarmo Oh THAT'S a good news !! I share it (don't take it badly I'm going to make a toot again to be able to crosspost on Twitter)

@bhart @yarmo probably doing docker build of gitea soon. Is your docker file "standard" ... if not, pointer?


@eludom It's supported, possibly recommended by upstream 👍

The only real 'gotcha', which you may be aware of already, is SSH access. If you use the 'native' ssh server setting, you do have to go in to settings in the UI and run a synchronization of user's pubkeys for it to work.

If you use the ssh server built-in, you will probably have to map it to a different port (in your docker port map, your port-forwards, and there's a configuration setting for Gitea UI)

@eludom @bhart I have gitea via docker-compose and yes, I do have the most basic template possible.

@yarmo That's cool. I still can't get over how Gitea's source code is hosted on Github, though.

"Powered by Gitea Version: 1.14.0+dev" how did that happen? 🤔

@yarmo kanban board looks good, thanks for the heads up. Seamless docker upgrade as well.
I wish that issues could be created from the kanban view (am I missing something?) and conversely change the state from the issue UI. I need to check if those are on the roadmap. Great milestone for the @gitea_blog_bot team!

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