Just a friendly reminder that in response to criticism about their frequent outages, deicded to hide the timeline view on their status page. That's the kind of "transparency" you are supporting when pushing your open code to their closed servers.

@yarmo Why do we keep saying "github" instead of "Microsoft/Github" ?

@yarmo other than hosting your own gitlab instance, what is a good (modern & fully featured) alternative?

@oysmal indeed, is great. And we should be glad CI is not included because gitea is very easily integrated with Dedicated tools for specialised functions.

@yarmo meanwhile, GitHub creates a profile page to broadcasts users' timelines to anyone who asks, without those users opting in to it, and without providing any way of opting out.

GitHub: the social network that provides worse privacy controls than either Facebook or Twitter, but remains bizarrely popular with the crowd that you'd expect to be against this sort of thing...

@yarmo GitLab has really benefited from GitHub's ethics and incompetence. I'm perfectly okay with this!

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