If you feel comfortable with the idea, don't forget to become an organ donor, you might just save a life.

For the dutch:

@yarmo Should be opt-out everywhere imo.

If you're dead, you don't really need your body anymore do you 😆

@Matter completely agreed! At least in the Netherlands, the family gets to decide if you haven't made your wish known. So somewhat better that opt-in, still not as good as opt-out

I'm not with you there. It's a noble cause for sure but opt-in requires consent from the individual or family. I realize this is different, but there's a reason companies
use opt-out because most people won't notice:( @Matter

@lps @yarmo It's irrational to care about what happens with your remains when you're dead.

The value to society is too great to have this be opt-in. The people who care (such as religious people) will opt-out.

@Matter @yarmo

I hear you, but what I'm referring to is consent. Just as you have this opinion, others might hold the opposite view....forcing everyone into the same "choice" isn't a choice.

Opt-out can be changed after the fact, opt-in can't, it's too late.

Nothing to add, just MHO.

@yarmo I definitely need to do that, now that I legally can. Thank you for the reminder!
I'm another one that thinks it should be opt-out; people who had religious reasons (however valid those may be) could still refuse, but most people who don't opt in now wouldn't opt out, either. Because they just ... don't think about it all that much, not enough to consider taking the choice.

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