What the bloody fuck,

Forcing Protonmail to adopt in app purchases or threatening to kick their app from the store. If that's not the most Mafia thing ever…

@yarmo it's like they want everyone to move to F-droid

@yarmo what you didn't read the developer agreement or the terms of service? all of this stuff is in there. somehow its a surprise every time?

i don't agree and i also don't buy mac products or publish mac software because i did read that stuff and i don't want to comply.

Except that it wasn't in the dev agreement. That's a gray area that got fixed last month, and not before.
Protonmail did NOT sell the upgrades in the app, just on the website.
the app itself was free, and protonmail had a free service as well.


I'm in such a weird bind. I hate Google with a fiery passion, but I don't like what Apple is doing with their platform either...I'm considering switching my iphone, but I don't know to what yet.

@xj9 @yarmo

I'm at work, no sound, and I have noooo idea what that is hahaha

@xj9 @SeanGeil @yarmo

I'm about to switch, and I'm probably gonna look into grapheneos I guess. I like my iphone, but not Apple. -_-

@yarmo Imagine, you pay hundreds of euros for a license to develop apps that rip you off half of your income (49%), when you apply Apple and the local taxes here.

But somehow Apple manages it, that I know developers who love to develop iOS apps. How do they do that?

@yarmo Fuck Apple. Overpriced fascist ego-extensors. IMHO

@yarmo Apple's a monopoly. that's what monopolies do, and why they're under threat of being broken up. they pulled a similar thing with Epic.

@yarmo normally I stand up for companies, but, that's some real bs right there. But nothing can be done, unless everyone asks apple for a refund on all their devices or every major company that has apps in their store just pull out for a month.

@yarmo Just another reason added to the list of why I hate Apple.

@yarmo apple is only "the privacy company" because they insist that developers keep apple's own shitty behavior private

@yarmo Apple is still doing this bs, should we finally get together and use our rights to sue the hell that they deserve

@yarmo Apple being apple, it does not surprise that you get apple when you go to apple.

@yarmo I wish this was news but it's happened to many others.

Even giants like Spotify has had to deal with this. The only difference being that they are big enough to pressure apple.

It’s like we have three options:
1) Use Apple and support the increasing influence of these mafia-like tactics
2) Use Google and support the increasing influence of different but also problematic tactics - constant invasive monitoring of every action we take for advertising purposes
3) Choose an “alternative” OS and be locked out of many of the benefits of of the mobile internet, and unable to participate in what are becoming key functions of living in the modern world.

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