The terrifying irony of calling people "vile bigots" because they have an account on a specific instance (in this case, fosstodon)


I'd like to add to this: I was surprised by this person's message because fosstodon is so apolitically oriented, there's no bigotry here as long as I have been here. This instance is, as far as I have experienced it, a haven and refuge for all, especially those who are tech-inclined. If all instances were nurturing communities like fosstodon does, the fediverse would be a much nicer place.

@yarmo In RL I work and frequent in DIY venues and other designated 'safe spaces' so feel comfortable here. Hope it all stays this way.

@yarmo i only follow cool people on fosstodon, but sometimes there are some weird techbros doing techbro things (the usual mansplaining and neoliberal thinking come to mind). it's sad that some.big instances get a bad name because of a couple idiots here and there though.

@yarmo people who demand that every single place be a sounding board for their political or religious cause kinda freak me out. Im not against either of those things. Its just.... sometimes you're just there to ask about BSD build flags 😕

@artyr3 @yarmo If you can believe it, I was told outright by some people on mastodon that they wouldn't talk to me because of my instance. It is completely irrational, and it is becoming damn near impossible to keep from getting roped into religion, sociopolitical and other fruitless discussions. Its gotten so bad I have elected to remove the federated tab from tusky. If I wanted these sorts of discussions I could just tune into stuff like cnn or fox news. No thank you. Not interested.

@artyr3 @yarmo The freedom of speech (u.s.) allows people to say what they want (within limits) but it doesn't mean I or anyone else is forced to read or listen.

I love fosstodon. Great community full of amazing people who I think I'm quite fortunate to have met. I'm not interested in reading the junk some people seem hell bent on spreading about our community.

@Citizenzibb @yarmo yeah. At this point, in my life, im so past needing everyone to like me. Especially extreme absolutists whose entire personal identity is wrapped up in who fully agrees with them and who doesn't. Ive never met a healthy person who thinks like that. Besides, at its foundation, that kind of mindset inevitably leads to violence, extremism, crusades, wars, all the destructive stuff. And I'm pretty ok not having those in my life. 😆

@Citizenzibb @artyr3 @yarmo I was trying to convince my fiance to join the fediverse and I found an instance centering around Stardew Valley. Scrolling through the banned instances and we were blocked as being far-right.

I graduated from Liberty University and this instance is not "the far right" 🤣

@tychi @Citizenzibb @yarmo omg. yeah. I once had a disturbing conversation with someone who went by the name "Weimar Republic". Now that was definitely far-right. All I can say is, anyone who thinks this milketoast instance is anywhere near "far-right" must be so far left they can barely see the center with a telescope.

@Spaceface16518 @artyr3 @yarmo @tychi okay pardon my French but how the HELL is a random tech instance... far right? Or even on a political spectrum? lmao

Have those dingos even -SEEN- what gets spammed in Local every other day? I swear there’s always some left-leaning post about Infosec, “Company X is bad cuz Y”, or then we get into actual USPOL and other stuff.

Granted that’s -fine-. I don’t mind. But if anything I’d characterize this instance as having a fairly vocal left leaning group.

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