The terrifying irony of calling people "vile bigots" because they have an account on a specific instance (in this case, fosstodon)

I'd like to add to this: I was surprised by this person's message because fosstodon is so apolitically oriented, there's no bigotry here as long as I have been here. This instance is, as far as I have experienced it, a haven and refuge for all, especially those who are tech-inclined. If all instances were nurturing communities like fosstodon does, the fediverse would be a much nicer place.

@yarmo did i miss something? i'm a bigot because i created my account on fosstodon? 🤔

@yarmo this is the kind of behavior that made me leave the bird site ... I could link the thread here but that's just spreading the mud

@lopeztel we shouldn't and we won't. I'd like to think to we will kill them with kindness and given enough time, the positive will win over the negative.

Forgive me my naïveté.

@yarmo I chose this instance arbitrarily and am now kinda nervous, could you please explain what values/groups are associated with fosstodon?

@Ben0 there are none.Its purely FOSS centered.that is the topic of most conversations. From time to time, people come in that are super political. When they find that no one really wants to engage, (because most people simply aren't here for politics), some just leave, but the more extreme people who demand everyone agree with them, leave in a tantrum when there is no traction. No one is rude to them, no one really argues with them, just silence. For some reason, that makes them really mad. 🤷

@Ben0 sorry for the frightening. It's so weird, I've never seen anything but amicable and polite behavior on this instance! I absolutely do not understand where this person was coming from. If she had an unpleasant encounter with a fosstodon member, that is sad to hear… But that's not indicative for the rest of us! If anything, politics is generally not encouraged on this instance, keeping it tech focused as a means of escaping the real world! You needn't worry here 😃

@Ben0 @yarmo what other said. And honestly I wouldn't worry about it. Just do you and enjoy the cool projects people are sharing.

@yarmo In RL I work and frequent in DIY venues and other designated 'safe spaces' so feel comfortable here. Hope it all stays this way.

@yarmo i only follow cool people on fosstodon, but sometimes there are some weird techbros doing techbro things (the usual mansplaining and neoliberal thinking come to mind). it's sad that some.big instances get a bad name because of a couple idiots here and there though.

@yarmo people who demand that every single place be a sounding board for their political or religious cause kinda freak me out. Im not against either of those things. Its just.... sometimes you're just there to ask about BSD build flags 😕

@Spaceface16518 @artyr3 @yarmo @tychi okay pardon my French but how the HELL is a random tech instance... far right? Or even on a political spectrum? lmao

Have those dingos even -SEEN- what gets spammed in Local every other day? I swear there’s always some left-leaning post about Infosec, “Company X is bad cuz Y”, or then we get into actual USPOL and other stuff.

Granted that’s -fine-. I don’t mind. But if anything I’d characterize this instance as having a fairly vocal left leaning group.

@yarmo Don't you just block/mute the person and move on? If their comments break the rules report it.

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