The true challenge: submit a PR on any platform OTHER than github (@codeberg or ) and as a reward, you can boast about supporting truly open source platforms and none of that corporate surveillance crap.

@yarmo @codeberg I agree that Codeberg is better but for you should note that it's a for-profit company and servers are located at Google Cloud in the United States so it's in no way better than Github,only self-hosted open source GitLab instances are.

@yarmo @nipos Why is making a profit antithetical to opensource / free software? Github is completely closed source and offers no way to self host, and they are owned by microsoft. I would say that makes gitlab much better than github.

@yisraeldov @yarmo The problem isn't making money.The problem is selling premium features which are closed source so is very different from the GitLab open source project.

@nipos @yarmo But is still a much freer (as in freedom) option than github.

@yisraeldov @yarmo Not really.And never forget that it's hosted at Google,that evil company that scrapes your data on every place on the internet and on most phones.It's a digital stalker.And it's hosted in the United States,the home of the NSA which does global internet surveillance.Nope,you absolutely shouldn't support that.Unfortunately I still have a Github account but try to use it as few as possible.But I will never ever sign up for 👎

And how is that different to 60% of the "free" gitlab instances that are us based too?
Shouldn't we by that argument just ~stop supporting~ boycott any American lead / hosted /whatever project
And after a short thought the same for any 5-Eyes country

Also the cloud platforms all are us based so anything in a cloud platform (awx gcm etc) ...
@yisraeldov @yarmo

@JensHeinrich @yarmo @yisraeldov I can accept projects hosted at smaller American hosting companies,then the NSA is the only problem but I can *not* accept giving my data to the GAFAM assholes,too.I already block the whole IP ranges of Google but when I sign up for new services,I try to avoid AWS and Azure,too.

This is just good old FUD. Yes Google sucks and Nsa spies. But I doubt you are never using anything hosted in the US or made by Google. Especially if you live in the US. may not be perfectly free, but it is far more than github. None of github is free, and they are a Microsoft company. And let's not ignore Microsofts 3e track record.
@nipos @yarmo

@yisraeldov @yarmo @JensHeinrich I don't live in the US and even if I would,I could use online services from Europe where GDPR protects online privacy of everyone.You can be sure that I never use anything hosted by Google because I block their whole IP ranges.

Nope, wouldn't as your provider would already be problematic and GDPR is toothless mostly as long as local data protection agencies don't use it

See Ireland

Also look at the new anti e2e encryptions laws (aka anti childporn laws)
@yisraeldov @yarmo

@JensHeinrich @yarmo @yisraeldov I know,those new laws totally suck but I don't think they have passed yet.And even if they will,nobody can stop people from selfhosting encrypted decentralized messengers like Matrix.

Of course they can.
They can just force you to implement the same snooping API or put you into "Beugehaft" as we call it in Germany
@yarmo @yisraeldov

@JensHeinrich @yisraeldov @yarmo But who will do that to every admin of one from thousands of independent instances?That will be much work for those assholes.And then you can still use peer to peer apps like and then there's no admin they can send threats to.


Make it hard enough to use ( kill the big instances) and there will be no more network's ( except crime only things)

People will just accept it and use the big ones that stay which are the bugged ones

@yisraeldov @yarmo

@yisraeldov @yarmo @nipos you can self-host with github. I have an on-site github instance.

@simon @yisraeldov @yarmo @nipos yes, called GitHub enterprise. But it's closed source, requires much memory and cpu, costs very much.

@nonamepro @yisraeldov @yarmo @nipos i run it on vmware and it's been excellent. And 100% uptime. I've had no problems with resource usage, it gets regular updates but it didn't suddenly turn bad when MS bought them, it's still essentially the same product from when everybody loved them.

Must have missed the news where #gitlab turned away from being the typical misogynistic techbro VC shitshow of a company that only stops from doing things like putting user level tracking into their products if there is a public shitstorm that they were just a couple of month ago. Care to share the link?


@ck @codeberg no, I should have said "gitlab instances", should still be avoided

It is 100% closed source and owned by Microsoft. Microsoft has been an enemy of freedom software for almost ever.

@yisraeldov @simon @yarmo No one is the enemy of Free Software. Free Software is the enemy of Microsoft; it's a one way relationship.

In what world is this true? Microsoft called linux a cancer. And has had a policy of trying to extinguish free software.
@yarmo @simon

@yisraeldov @robby @yarmo what realistically do you think Microsoft's plan with GitHub is, and the source code stored on it?

@simon @yisraeldov @yarmo Pressure people into doing things their way or risk getting "deplatformed"

@yarmo @codeberg It's really a shame that the biggest(maybe) and most well known platform for open source software hosting is a greedy conglomerate

@yarmo @codeberg sure. Let's hope we can build something like that with in the loop @forgefed In the meanwhile it's risky to discourage new comers from discovering opensource contributing through this initiative.

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