I need entire children books of this kind to give to my nephews! We all need this.

The next generation will grow up with browsers and apps obfuscating the fundamental processes that guarantee our online safety. Unless provided to them by us, they will never be educated on how to stay safe online.

@yarmo You mean, without browsers, right? There is an app for everything nowadays, as consuming content is everything.

And it's not just about safety (although it is really important), but how actually computer works. I grew up on MS-DOS, so later when I switched from Windows to Linux, I didn't have problem with terminal, and I can say, I am more comfortable with text based interfaces, then GUI.

Today is all about, tap-tap, mostly without thinking...

@yarmo Saw this on HN, last night. Thought it was pretty cute and clever. 😀

@yarmo Books are better. They don't connect to google-analytics. Some web sites do that 🙄

@yarmo I'm sure we can get some talented artists to help us to do that !

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