Alright, the "let's wait and see what happens with after zoom acquisition" uncertainty has been resolved:

- the keybase client repository hasn't seen activity in months
- their twitter account has just been deleted

Time to get your keys out of there and move on. With no new auditing and patching, the platform is dead.

Yep. It's a shame, but it's done and over. At least we have a good alternative. Thanks Yarmo! :P

@ghil I have disliked the company for a while, long before keyoxide and the zoom acquisition. Still don't completely like to see it end like this. Hope we'll get some official announcement and a timeline so the userbase will now what is happening.

@yarmo not surprising - they said that much in the blog post

@karan I know, very little surprise here. Yet, at the time, I still heard a lot of "I'm not deleting my account, let's first see what will happen" from people online. This hopefully settles it

@yarmo Suspended, not deleted. Doesn’t look like they did it by themselves.

@scy Hmmmm it indeed appears so. Now, I've been keeping an eye on their account lately and there wasn't much activity. I find it hard to believe Twitter would suspend such an account…

It is being asked there, curious what the answer will be

Thanks for the heads up @yarmo
Reseting account right now.

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