what is all this keyoxide buzz about? what even is keybase/keyoxide and why does everyone see to “have one”? what does it do? 😂


@fatboy @Spaceface16518 hey there, developer of @keyoxide here 😀

This allows you to prove ownership of accounts on the internet in a secure manner. Here's my profile: keyoxide.org/9f0048ac0b23301e1

Keybase does the same but has serious privacy issues, not the least the acquisition by .

Additionally, by also proving IM accounts like , you increase privacy in communication by making sure you are talking to whom you think you are talking.

@fatboy @Spaceface16518 @keyoxide it's also decentralized and without vendor lock-in: someone could build a different identity verification client and it would have the same features and possibilities as what I'm building

@yarmo wow that's actually really cool. thank you so much!

@Spaceface16518 it is 😀 keyoxide is just a client for a protocol/specification that is not yet established or fully defined. Keyoxide right now allows us to figure out what is possible with this "decentralized openpgp identity proofs" concept. Somewhere along the way (soon, I hope 🙂) we'll write protocols and develop tools for developers to adopt and use and create more clients and other applications.

@yarmo @fatboy @Spaceface16518 @keyoxide what exactly are the security concerns re:keybase? and what's the potential exposure surface?

@ivandaniel @fatboy @Spaceface16518 @keyoxide If you make a key directly using Keybase, they strongly suggest you to upload the private key for "more functions". While true, this potentially exposes everything encrypted to you. We have asked for years now to see their server code, which they have always refused. And now, with their acquisition by Zoom, a company that has confirmed obeying to Beijing, it is unknown how these sensitive private keys are handled.

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