Just got this:

"Hello ,

XYZ here, I was wondering if you would be interested in Purchasing our Domain: Yarmo.Net

Since the .Net extension is the second most registered/used/trusted domain extension internationally, i thought you might be interested in securing this domain [....].

Our Asking price would be $1,299 USD.

Incase of interest, please let me know. We are Selling on a first come first served basis. (Happy to use an escrow and consider any reasonable offer)

Yours Sincerely,

That timing is quite phenomenal given the toot I wrote earlier today.

Reply will be no other than simply "lol no"

Is this the side of Internet history you'd like to be on? Selling a domain that costs $10 for $1299 and call yourself a successful entrepreneur? Will your children tell the tales of how their mum or dad managed to scam thousands by hoarding domains and selling them for a 100x profit?

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@yarmo I had a similar situation a couple years ago. I was trying to buy, but someone already owned, and the domain was reserved for them for 5 years.

So I approached the owner and asked if they would be willing to register the domain and transfer it to me. I even offered to throw in £50 as a thank you.

Got an email back the next day...



“I would be willing to register and transfer it to you for £1,000. Alternatively, I’m happy to register it an lease it to you for £50/month.”

.uk domains cost like £6/year. My response was a resounding “fuck you, you crook”

And I registered instead.


@yarmo ...and I just realised that I don’t own, so I just nabbed that before some plank does so just for the fun of it.

@kev @yarmo has a more unique identity to it than anyway 😉

@kev @yarmo I had to pay $800 for a domain that could be confused with my business once.

@yarmo I feel like some people let out a regex script that registred anything remotely resembling words and are now selling those at a premium. Assholes.

@Gina @yarmo @kev But I am quite happy when this happens to big tech companies, didn't this happen to at some point?

@lopeztel @Gina @kev imagine setting up a registrar and a new tld because your fav domain is unavailable? 😅

No, they accidentally sold their own domain for a few hours I think

@yarmo @Gina @kev did they have to pay a larger amount of money to get it back? 😂

@lopeztel @yarmo @Gina nope. Companies are covered by their trademark. Cyber squatting is now enforceable if a company owns a trademark.

@yarmo Thanks for the prod - just snarfed, now need to set up an MX record. would be so much shorter than

Mind, I'll keep using a provider email address for password recovery - your email is only as secure as your MX record.

@yarmo There's a name for these people, which I think isn't unique to the UK, and it's "Chancer".

The act of selling something at a vastly inflated price because someone has a need for it is reprehensible but I think it says something about those who pay-up too.

@yarmo seems to be available right now from #Namecheap for $11 for the 1st year (with a promo code) and $13 for each subsequent year.

WTH. Were they planning to go get the domain name for $11 after you pledged to buy it and then resell it to you for $1,299?

I've talked to domain name trolls before, but usually they're peddling names that they actually own.

@oldcoder haha really??? That's insane! Not that I want it, I already have a personal domain. But they really managed to go next level with their scam.

See the #Namecheap screenshot below. This is my theory:

Professional domain-name trolls buy up large numbers of names at a discount. This works for them because even one sale makes up for a lot of the initial investment.

But you were approached by Third World types -- or perhaps just cheapskates -- who didn't want to make the initial investment.

Instead, they send out #scam letters like the one you received and hope to find even one sucker who will take the bait.

@oldcoder @yarmo I have five or six domain names with namecheap and will probably be buying another one next month. I have never once been offered a discount code.

@crow @yarmo
If you do a search on the site for, do you see the same thing presently?

The following page seems to confirm that promo codes are a standard feature now:

It's only a $1 discount, at any rate, and only for the first year.

@oldcoder @yarmo Still pretty neat. I've bought namecheap domains for £1 before now
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