Flipper Zero and their scummy "Limited" pledges! This needs to stop right now!

@yarmo when I saw your toot before going to bed it was 5410 "limited" rewards. In this moment are 6547 and increasing super fast.
It's clearly an Kickstarter feature, nobody does it manually that fast.

Either way the vendor should stop it, they are exploiting FOMO for profit - or lying?. That's not correct nor ethic.

@esparta @yarmo Currently 8 left of 6,630... 6,622 backers.

That's just downright disgusting.

@yarmo did you see how it is now?
They just change the numbers, so now it will be eternally on "Just 6 left" or probably a random number. No number of backers, nothing.
Of course, nobody will say a thing. I'll call "solved by obscurity".

@yarmo five minutes later, is only 10 left. Kickstarter math is killing me:

@esparta they changed it? So first it looked like a scam, now it just looks "ultra dodgy"? Much better…

I wrote a message denouncing this behavior on their kickstarter page. I'd say it was about 33% agreeing it was indecent, 67% not understanding what the fuss was and defending what they saw as simply a clever trick

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