I recently bought a "clever pun" domain fueled by the dream of having some online shop. Cost €10.

Dream has dissipated, domain is still here, accidentally making me of one those domain hoarders that sell with profit.

I got contacted. Someone thought of the same pun and inquired about the availability of the domain.

I just sent them the transfer code. Not every human interaction needs to result in some financial gain. Allowing them to pursue their dream is fulfilling enough for me.

@yarmo what domain name are you talking about? You can reply privately if you want to keep it somewhat of a mystery for the rest 😎

@RyuKurisu @yarmo yeah you can't tell us this story without telling us the domain name 😉

@yarmo There's nothing as fulfilling as seeing someone making good use of one's clutter.

And don't tell us the domain! It's much more fun to imagine/guess.

@yarmo I would ask the buyer after some time, whether they still own the domain, or whether they selled it themself.

@yarmo good for them and for you. Once long ago I bought a "clever satirical Web 2.0 name" domain... and was later contacted by a business who wanted to use it sincerely. I transfered it to them but I must admit that money did change hands.

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