Biweekly reminder to get your projects off and onto literally anything else. @codeberg , , ,

Far from my best post but contains a list of alternatives:

Thanks for sticking to the schedule of regular outages \o/

@yarmo @codeberg Yaaay GitHub is having an outage right now at least at my location!

So literally anything would also include #gitlab?
I see a bit of these posts and they worry me a bit because they almost always fail to mention gitlab.
I've been using it for a while (even before M$ took over github) and I really like it. Built in CI is my greatest take away. Is there something i'm overlooking or is it just that you can't mention them all?
@yarmo @codeberg

@ami @phel @codeberg They're not my favourite alternative due to past behavior but they're not worse than microsoft github! I did include them in the linked post, iirc

A while back I found some interesting & abandoned open source projects on GitHub (that I wouldn't mind picking up), so I cloned them to GitLab. I'll be cloning them again to codeburg for safe keeping 😀

@codeberg @yarmo I was never on github, but I have a couple projects on Sourceforge. I was thinking about putting a new version of code on Codeberg to see how things go, but it's not quite ready yet. Slowly, but surely... unless there's a reason to be worried about Sourceforge as well...
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