Can we stop waiting to see how evolves before quitting ?

Zoom was supposed to deliver a transparency report about governments demanding user data. They didn't. These are the folks who now own your encryption keys.

@yarmo what encryption keys? Isn't keybase supposed to be trustless end-to-end encrypted? You never know anyway being the software closed source.

@xorman to get full benefit of keybase, you need to upload your private key to them, otherwise, no decryption, no signing, no identity proofs.

Remember that you as a person can decrypt very private messages with that key. And keybase has that exact key on their proprietary server. That is a risk you really need to think about.

I once had an account, I only uploaded public keys. Functionality was limited due to it.

@yarmo LOL what a joke of a security model. I wonder why the crypto community adopted it.

@xorman the community has been demanding open source servers and keybase refuses. Now with the zoom acquihire, no reason to trust the service at all anymore

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