Anyone interested in reading blog posts about circular statistics?

Could make a series in the future, you know, put that 4 year PhD knowledge to some use 🙄

@yarmo I'd have to decide after reading a post that explains what circular statistics is 😄

@yarmo Is this where data uses degrees as one of the axes? I did some of that using Oriana (I think it was called), pretty interesting! I don't know how much overlap there would be with the fosstodon gang, but there is no doubt a huge audience regardless 😉

@mcol actually, it's a bit more complicated. It has to with waves and temporal data.

Imagine three sources making click sounds at various intervals. If you record all of them with one mic, it becomes hard to separate the three intervals again. So that's circular statistics (and much more, of course :D)

@mcol I was studying audio and the response of a single neuron to multiple sounds. A lot of analysis went into figuring what that neuron was "hearing" when I was only able to record what the neuron was "saying" (oversimplification)

@yarmo Yeah makes sense! I've not thought about audio-processing neurons like that before, it sounds like it would be doing textbook input integration to decide its output but I guess audio processing also has lots of experience-dependent factors. Which neurons were you looking at?

@mcol Medial Superior Olive neurons, the neurons that (we think) are the first in the auditory pathway to integrate inputs from left and right ear. Their function is to detect whether individual sounds come from left or right based on differences in arrival time of the sounds in our ears. Knowing sounds can come from both left and right at the same time, these neurons (the fastest in our brain!) have quite the interesting challenge!

@yarmo yeah for sure! That sounds like a really interesting process to study, I may have to have a little read up about it...

If you try to explain it more like I'm 5 years old then yes

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