Github is sinking. What now? Some quick suggestions on my blog.

Move. No reason to stay.

Added a more reasoned argumentation at the end (update 3)

@yarmo You must have fairly aggressive caching policies set up, I had to do a reload of the page to have the updates show up

@Matter Hmmm something to look into 🤔 this not on purpose

I use Pelican SSG.
There was a time I published a new post but changes in index.html didn't appear on Firefox. I had to use incognito tab to see changes being applied.

According MDN, mainfest attribute is a deprecated feature:

I didn't find mainfest or appcache stuff in index.html.

How else caching can be set?
You can read my blog's source code here :

@Matter @yarmo

@yarmo Good points.

I don't think I ever "discovered" a project through github itself. It has always been via someone's social message, email or reference.

The main benefit is the centralization, so you only need one account/password/face for all the projects that you follow and contribute.

And the main problem is also the centralization...

@yarmo you can also just self-host git without anything else, with cgit or stagit to see a website with the repos. The documentation is good and easy to follow.

@yarmo I don’t really care which git hosting service I use, it’s all the same to me. It’s just somewhere to dump my code.

Having said that, I don’t see a compelling reason here to switch, other than they had an outage?

May look at gitlab tomorrow though.

@kev There is also the factor of it being a fully proprietary platform unlike something like GitLab which is only partially proprietary or Codeberg which is fully FOSS (because it's just Gitea afaik). @yarmo

@kev @yarmo I think I'm kind of in the middle here, :github: just works for me, but, you know, ... I think it is possible to just copy repos into ? Haven't looked into it too much

@lopeztel @kev git remote set-url origin gitea_url

All you need to copy a repo

@lopeztel @yarmo I would imagine you can clone them into somewhere else. It’s all git at the end of the day.

@lopeztel @kev @yarmo Gitea has a button to let you pull repos from other sites such as github. You just put in the URL and it copies it for you.

As others have said though, it's just git. You can clone the repo, change your origin remote to your Gitea, and git push.

I have my own gitea instance set up at, it was pretty easily to set up and well worth it for me (my VPS is cheaper than Github Premium, and I get as many private repos as I want).

@yarmo Honestly, the only reason I still have stuff on GH is because of the sheer size of the "community". GH is, for better or worse, more than just code hosting. I despise GH as much as the next person---my private repos are on a self-hosted gitea instance. But hosting my silly side projects on GH gets them more visibility than they'd get otherwise.

I'd love to ditch GH for good, but this is still holding me back. Ideas?

@shreyas using other means like blog posts and social media to promote your repos.

Honestly, do you really discover repos by sheer "community effect"? Searching doesn't count, you could search on other sites as well.

I'm nitpicking of course. GH has its advantage there. But I can't repeat this enough: we the developers give GH this advantage. If enough of us actually act on what we believe, GH's days could be numbered.

Social network is the worst and most efficient form of lock-in

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