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GitHub Pages: Operational.
All the rest: Well...

@yarmo is it just me, or have outages become more frequent of late?

@shreyas I barely interact with but looking at the 90 day history, things are definitely escalating!

@shreyas @yarmo Not just you, and it always seemed to happen at the most inconvenient time for us

there might be better ships to switch to, depending on your needs:

@slow Really cool link! Will add to blog post

@yarmo @codeberg Good blog post, I'll check out some of the self hosted alternatives.

I do think that occasional service outages themselves are not a good reason to migrate to another hosted service. It gives people wrong expectations about the alternatives.

All software breaks, and tbh I'd trust someone with GitHub's resources to have enough operational resources to mitigate the breakage faster than a much smaller alternative.

I like selfhosted projects and will try out Gitea with Codeberg soon
@yarmo @codeberg

@karan You and others are absolutely right. When will I learn, don't write when frustrated.

I added a better argumentation at the bottom of the article (clearly stating it was added later). Hope this helps get my point across.

And no, Github indeed isn't dying :/

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