Why are there people even working on creating which would infinite surpass human capabilities? I didn't vote for any of that! But because of these people, we all would have to take the consequences if it goes wrong. And there are really people like who think the solution is merging with

It would be digital created and needed to fed information. What if it knew all of our internet activities, and browsing history, what could possibly go wrong? We need this conversation!

@tinfoil_hat as soon as I read your message, I started writing. As soon as I realized I didn't have enough characters, I got out of bed and wrote you a blog post :)


TLDR what you're afraid of, cannot happen. Not in our lifetimes, and probably a whole lot longer after that.

If anything is not clear, please ask. I'm passionate about artificial intelligence and also studied brains for 9 years and did a PhD on the fastest neurons in our brain: the medial superior olive :)

@yarmo I read trough it and some things bother me about it:
1) I learned that humans can't use all their brain capacity in fact just some of it. But the AI can do that.
2) Good AI's run on supercomputers (whatson, stockmarket AIs etc. you can't compare their capabillities to normal computers see next
3) there's Uni courses about writing an AI so it would be peossible for an individual or a group to let it off the internet / botnet what would stop some madass to push "the red button" on purpose

@yarmo Also AI has proven to surpass human capabilities and capture many people in their favourite socialmedia of choice, as for example twitter or facebook ai, it seems the algorythm understands better how to hook people in front of their screen, than themselfes know. twitter wouldn't be such an success, if the timeline wasn't created trough it.

It scares the hell out of me, AI has already it's hook in reallity, sine you can see all this smartphonezombies walking among us

@yarmo In fact I think that's why there are so many snowflakes nowadays. people get so stuck in their favourite savespace, that another opinion is almost seen as a personal attack


@tinfoil_hat that's a good point! This culture is definitely bred by artificial "social-like environments" tailored to the individual because big tech wants to "protect" their users. If you lack reading about counter arguments, you'll overdevelop a sense of righteousness in what you already believe in.

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