@yarmo I mean, you say that you don't use it for critical things, so that's most of the benefit of running it yourself gone. And you kind of ignored the whole reputation thing, it's not trivial to stop all your email from going to spam, it can be a lot of work to get your IP to be trusted, etc.

@Matter valid points, I might write a follow-up tomorrow.

My plan is definitely to receive everything on my private server at some point, but I have given it one year to show me it's completely reliable.

With regards to reputation, yeah, I should have mentioned that as well :( I rushed this :( I send everything through mailgun, that takes care of most of the trust issues. Haven't had much issues with this way of doing it.

Thanks for the fair comment! I'll put a little update :)

@yarmo I self hosted a Zimbra server a few years ago. Worked really well, but was a lot of work so ditched it in the end.

Great learning experience though.

@yarmo what kind of specs do you find your self needing on DigitalOcean? I used mailinabox... but looking for something I can switch to that can be dockerized. But mailcow seems like might be overkill with the components it provisions

@yarmo I've spent too many years running email services for other people. I don't want that level of pain for myself any more, so I pay a provider to do it for me.

I don't want to use a 'free' provider, because they're not motivated to support me.

Time has a relationship to money :-)

@yojimbo perhaps you could write a blog post about it, I'd love to read about what exactly it is that causes trouble on a larger scale. I'm hosting only for myself and a brother but yeah, the email server, it'd be easy to add some more users… And you might just dissuade me from doing so!

@yarmo For outbound, it's the deliverability. Even major players can just vanish off the face of big name destinations like Microsoft; who accept SMTP but then decide to not give it to inbox (or even to spam).

But there's also the inbound - when 90% of the connections being made to you are for spam, what technique do you use to block them?

Paying for a reputation blacklist of IPs would be nice, but you only get that in an actual vendor product.

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