Is dead? (Genuine question)

The test suite 502's, "implementation report" links to dead sites...

Actually, over half of the links to implementations are dead 😞

@wizzwizz4 yes, that's great but it's more complicated than that. The spec needs to evolve and get worked on. If the W3C just abandons it, it will up to the implementers to make up their own interpretation of what the spec would be. And then it ends being a spec.

@wizzwizz4 let's say I'm doing research to build another service to tie in to the fediverse using activitypub. I see dead implementations everywhere, an official website that's out-of-date, a spec not updated since 23 January 2018


Did you click the link and check or just replied?


The spec hasn't been updated because the working group was disbanded, iirc, and the test suite's down because it's poor enough that its maintainer doesn't feel it's worth the effort to get it back up and running again.

But I don't think these things mean it's dead.

@wizzwizz4 ok, yeah I agree not being worked on doesn't immediately mean "dead", but does it not worry you? With different words, should future decentralised projects aim to implement activitypub?

@yarmo Very few web developers look at the HTML spec, and many fewer look at the JavaScript – sorry, ECMAScript – spec. If those things ceased to exist, it'd bother browser developers, but HTML wouldn't disappear.

Yeah, it'd help if those resources were available, but the fact they're down just means the W3C hasn't been paying much attention to ActivityPub. And apart from being an excellent standards body, they're pretty much irrelevant in the day-to-day of development.

And we've got the spec.

@wizzwizz4 thanks for the link and sorry for my snarky comment, that was unwarranted :(

@yarmo @wizzwizz4 No problem, it can seem that way, but #ActivityPub very much alive 😀


And besides the earlier mentioned #SocialHub forum, you can post dev-related questions to #feneas at

@yarmo @wizzwizz4 spec-related things are discussed every second Saturday in #SocialCG group, and agenda announced on #SocialHub beforehand.

@yarmo I asked the same question a month ago and was forwarded to the same topic at
And you know, at that site I feel that #ActivityPub is alive. It's up to you and me (I'm acting as yvolk there :-) ) to make discussions there resulting in new actual implementations...

@humanetech @wizzwizz4

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