Come to think of it, I want to be better than . And therefore, so should the apps. What if @Tusky and @fedilab had anti-addictive behavior features like optional pagination: people could turn it on, decide to read one or two pages and then go to sleep for example. Endless scrolling makes this difficult and fuels addiction.

@yarmo @Tusky
Agreed. I think @humanetech Humane Tech principals can be created inside #mastodon unlike any of the commercial platforms. And some already have been.

@yarmo yes, that would be wonderful. Adding these kinds of #humanetech features would not only be beneficial to users, something to feel good about, but can be a good way to gain 'competitive advantage'.. make people want to jump ship to #mastodon more easily, grab media attention for the promotion of the good stuff.. the #Fediverse


@humanetech @yarmo @Tusky

I would be more than happy to be a voice to help advocte them into #mastodev discussions and feature suggestions to future #mastodon development -- and to use this instance - - as a testbed for some of those.

cool! If you want to do that, that surely can never do harm to these projects

A thing is that there isn't a good collection of what these principles entail. I may start a #delightful #humanedesign curated list of patterns some time later, but have lots on my plate

A very nice resource I found was this Humane Design guide by Jon Yablonski, senior product designer at GM:

Also thinking of #delightful #humanetech subset of 'awesome humane tech'

@yarmo @Tusky

@yarmo @Tusky @fedilab I wish iOS apps would implement this as well. Honestly wish the iOS apps were a little better designed but hey I’ll take what I can get.

@yarmo @Tusky @fedilab Thank you for this post. It inspired me to try to be better on this site. I've written myself a little pledge to try to behave better. And tonight I'm going to put some rules in place for myself to help curb my addictive behaviors.

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