I fell for it. I used on my server. Then was very much promoting and I switched. Now, a few months after this recommendation, onlyoffice removes the ability to edit on mobile devices and makes it a $950 feature.

@yarmo I was concerned about this when I saw the release. People gotta make money, I guess, but what can you do?

@nebunez indeed, let's be reasonable, people need to make money, or the product won't exist. I don't argue with that.

But getting a recommendation and a deeper integration from one of the largest open source initiatives and then shortly after pulling this stunt is wrong. It wasn't announced, it just happened. That is bait and abuse of our trust.

@yarmo @nebunez there should be a fork of OnlyOffice to remove limitations. How hard can that be? Maybe I'll take a look into that when I have some free time (don't know if that'll be in this lifetime, but whatever)

@Matter @nebunez I guess actually forking isn't too complicated, it's a single commit that needs to be reverted. But then what? Do this for every new release?

@Matter @nebunez let us know if have time for it, I will also keep an eye out for other forks.

I'd be interested in doing it but it's crazy times right now for me. Burned out and slightly depressed. First psychologist session this morning! Over WhatsApp video call, because covid :(

@yarmo @nebunez Oh, sending some of whatever sanity I have left your way, stay strong... I'm also having some difficulty keeping my thoughts going in the right way, this social distancing is killing me

Collabora is still an option, though, right? Just not the default?

@nebunez @Matter yes, and I've already switched back. And collabora had been getting better!

@yarmo @nebunez @Matter

Sorry for chiming in, but we wanted to say thank you for noticing the progress of Collabora Online. We've got quite positive feed back on our recently released apps for #Android and #iOS. So more hands there supporting the #opensource work...

@CollaboraOffice @nebunez @Matter thank you so much for chiming in! Thank you for participating, too few larger projects do that on the fediverse. And thank you for the awesome Collabora.

@CollaboraOffice @nebunez @yarmo Maybe a stupid question, but where is the source code of the Android app? Can't find it :/


Puts on my best "helpful marketing person" voice:

"But does #CollaboraOnline's mobile app allow document editing of #Nextcloud documents, and if so, how much will it cost me compared to #OnlyOffice?"

@nebunez @yarmo @Matter

@nebunez @yarmo @Matter

Hello @Blort,

our mobile app works flawlessly with documents stored in both #Nextcloud & #ownCloud. It is and will stay free... as in freedom and in beer.

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