Hey folks, I'm back. It's been a few weeks since I contributed in a meaningful way to this community.

I'm not seeking sympathy. I just felt like sharing this with you.

Long story short: over the last two weeks, I had to deal with my gf breaking up (still on great terms, so not the worst part!) and quitting my PhD project a month before the end. I will fulfill my remaining duties but will not aim to graduate. A sour ending after over four years of hard work.



Little bonus: as I've promised before, I started a blog @yarmo which I will maintain to record my post-PhD journey. I only found it fitting to start with a post about mental health and my last four years…


@yarmo I appreciate the post and can relate much more than I would like. I feel mental health has become almost an inside joke in academic research, where we are all aware it's an issue and may comment on it, but never in a serious way, and everyone continues on as usual to facilitate the high pressure work environment.

It also seems you've been pushed out in large part by bad luck in the project, rather than your own incompetence, which really emphasises the flaws in assessment by PhD.

@mcol thanks for your message. Funny thing is, several different sources have told me it would have been (largely) sufficient for a thesis in any other European country. However, in the Netherlands, success is not measured by the amount of work done and stuff learnt, but by number of articles published instead. That's the ultimate bad luck in my specific case, and for many people in similar situations.

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