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Roughly what "timezones" are popular on this instance?

Tried to divide the world in roughly 4 portions, hope I didn't do anything insensitive 😅

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FOSS has been my repentance for years of writing amoral software for companies. I wondered if I would feel better about my career if it was at risk the whole time. I wrote a little bit about that here:

Are there companies/organizations doing consulting/advocating to scientists/academia?

Sounds too niche 🤔

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Happy to share the I created instance for community, our instance name is , join and support.

This is one of my major arguments in favor of selfhosting:

Honestly, it sounds like a great service, probably useful to many!

But it's a new monthly paid service which you need to pay separately for even if you already have .

Add Netflix, Spotify, YT whatever… There seems no end to the subscription loop. Every new service is a new subscription. I can't afford all that.

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If you have content on YouTube and you HAVEN'T considered alternatives like PeerTube, now is the time. Seriously, right now.

"YouTube’s updated terms of service states ‘no obligation’ to host anyone’s video - The Verge"

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In an attempt to discover new music in the long run I've decided to keep a casual Record of the Week list on my blog. After seeing another FOSS blog post a pancake recipe I realised who needs these arbitrary boundaries.

If anybody is interested:

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🐦 RT:
This new study describes a high-resolution expansion of our #openscience Allen Mouse Brain Connectivity Atlas-- the most detailed map of connections in a mammalian #brain 🧠 to date. Access via:

#science #openscience #opendata #brain #mouse #cell #map

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:mastodon: A big welcome ❤️ to all the lovely people who have joined Mastodon to make a difference.

🇮🇳 #India, you rock.

Feel free to boost — to salute all new members.

Anyone else installed using marketplace? Every time I log in via ssh, it wants to reinstall mastodon all over again 🤨

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Be careful in , because it's full of stupid scammers waiting for easy .

Always check the of the person you are talking to.

Avoid confusing the Telegram ID with the account name or username.

Use to find out the Telegram ID.

I joined the chat room and almost immediately I got a message from a "support representative", the scammer who asked me for a mnemonic phrase (see screenshots).

Stay safe.

I still miss my app every day. I paid for it and would pay again, double if needed, if only the app would allow paid features on

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Friendly reminder that we have no official instances. They are all independently operated, including

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Police state much!?

In #NewIndia even "political comments" are illegal and immediately pounced upon by the Police while neo-n@zi handles on BirdSite quietly laugh and post their next inflammatory tweet w/ total impunity!!

Here's a totally innocuous tweet by Rana Ayyub and Amethi Police's immediate response to it!!
Wah Modiji Wah!!👏😹🙏


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Thinking of migrating my Mastodon account to a private Mastodon instance.

Then I figured, why not invite more devs to join in? So. Open call for people around me who write code - wanna join up for a Mastodon instance of our own? I'll help you migrate :)

Toot back if you're in!

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It’s now up to 18.8K new users this week. For reference, growth was about 1K per week for a long time.

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I'm donating to PBS today because they deserve it.

Ow now I understand…

Welcome to all the new folks, great to see actual change and movement in response to corporate incompetence!

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