Image description (+credits) for top post: 

Four panel comic.

Panel 1: Person running after a pink and purple patterned cat-like creature while exclaiming: "GAH! I can't catch any of these ideas!!"

Panel 2: Person throws hands up in the air while aforementioned cat-like creature and another yellow and orange one laugh "Hee Hee!" at each other: "Hell with it! I'm going to bed!"

Panel 3: Person now lies underneath blankets, head resting on their arms, on top of a comfy pillow, while the outlines of three cat-like creatures with bright white eyes inch closer to the sleeping person, looking wantingly at the sleeping person.

Panel 4: glowing cats in pink/purple, yellow/orange, and green sit and lie playfully on top of the now half-awake person: "Are you kidding me?"

Comic credited to "KB Comics 2021" in the footer.

(Looks like original comic is by #EndangeredEveryday aka #KelsieBrumet on twitter)

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