Yo, nerds! What flavour do you use? openrc, runit or s6?

wait, here's a poll

Since I last checked, runit went from 0 to leading

Openrc, because I have no need for supervision.

@xyhhx Openrc. If you have any problem, you have the best two resources in the Linux World: Gentoo's Wiki and Arch's Wiki.

@xyhhx i come from alpine, so openrc, just because i'm used to it. would like to learn s6 at some point though, seems interesting

@xyhhx runit .. because... idk, it boots up really fast, and it's easy to enable/disable services, that's all I know about it and that's all I need to know about it, but OpenRC seems to get a lot of love too so I'll have to try that out someday

@xyhhx I use Gentoo and Alpine myself, but I use OpenRC on both of them. It's what I'm familiar with and it's what's working for me. :)

@hund I think I'll be going for openrc when I make the switch

I wondered the same thing. I ended up using openrc

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