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challenge for rust/javascript developers, don't say "blazingly fast!" for one minute


TIL I learned you can set an "integrity" attribute on a <script> tag.

The value of the attribute is a hash of the JavaScript file that will be downloaded.

If the hash doesn't match that of the downloaded file, then it has been tampered with and won't be executed.

This is particularly helpful for scripts served via 3rd party CDNs which could get hacked to serve modified files.

I'll look into enabling this for the #ConverseJS scripts served via CDN.

"When I finally fix the bug and close all my tabs"

submitted by zschroeder6212

@codeberg @ck Putting explanations in PR instead of commit is one of my pet peeves. One of them is an integral part of the repository permanently. The other is fleeting, tied to a service provider, and not well-integrated into tooling. You're exactly on point there.

@xyhhx I mean rather than using the files, you just organise them.

For example, I spend more time organising my hentai than actually opening it XD

"I wrote this instead of debugging my actual program"

submitted by tlacct

Just when I thought I was approaching "done" with my homelab

Guess I never _did_ settle on a definition of "done"

Damn light mode blinding me. Why can't people just add dark mode to every website?

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