Hello everyone, this is my first toot. Just came from Twitter but considering deleting that account since the platform is just too negative for me. Not sure how things will go here. But just from quick glances I feel like at home here. Hoping you all have a great day!

@xpoverdrive welcome to the fedi!
You may consider doing a tag if you want to meet some people and let them know you're here:)

@xpoverdrive Welcome aboard :) The level of interaction and civility is in a different league. Enjoy!

@xpoverdrive Welcome! Of you want to get to know people on here you can search #introduction and also write an introductiontoot yourself. When people know what you like and care about they are more likely to interact. Have a fun time!

@xpoverdrive Welcome to the Fediverse! I hope you'll like it here. :)
If you want to find some cool people to follow, check out Trunk:
As for negativity, I'm sure you'll have less problems with it here. But just in case, you can always hide toots with words you don't care for, by going to your Preferences and then Filters. Very good for getting rid of all the Twitter crossposters, too!

@xpoverdrive make yourself comfortable, we have coffee for coding and cookies!

@xpoverdrive Welcome! Agree fully on the negativity within Twitter these days. I have severed ties with Twitter (though I’m keeping my Twitter handle) and love it here! Great community focused on tech stuff. 😎 Glad you’re feeling at home!

@xpoverdrive Welcome! I've found this community to be so much more accepting and inclusive than the twitter ecosystem.

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