Ugh. According to changelog in version 92, Firefox will now show ads in address bar suggestions:

" will also receive new, relevant suggestions from our trusted partners based on what you’re searching for"


As a big fan of Mozilla I feel like being hostage. Can't leave them (competition is way worse), but I don't want any "relevant" or "trusted" "partners" or "suggestions" anywhere near my browser.

Yeah, they need money. I get that. Still, this sucks.

@xpil I'm sure people would pay real money for a lot of the services they have available, but they don't seem to want to capitalize on it.

They're more interested in spinning up projects that go nowhere and spend all the remaining donations and contract money they get.

@xpil I dont think there is any other way for them to make money tbh.

People dont like that they get funded by google but they also dislike it when they make a VPN based on Mullvad, or any other thing that makes them money

@xpil id be interested to see how profitable it would be if they said “we will stop all this money making experimentation on you if you pay $1/m to help support us…”

I’d pay!

@kev @xpil I would consider that if they formed a breakaway team of developers and engineers and ditched the fat cats on silicon valley salaries

@xpil I also saw this as a back-against-the-wall, last-ditch, desperate effort to make revenue. I get it. I don't like it though. Firefox will continue to be my browser simply because the slimy chrome-based browsers are despicable. Mozilla leadership need courses on financial management. They had a lot of money and didn't spend it wisely.

@xpil I don't see these in FF 95 (nightly). 🤔

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