So, in less than 6 months on Fosstodon, I produced over 1K toots (most of them poops really - can't refrain from sending stupid memes) and surpassed 100 followers.

Unlike other platforms, not a single one was I offended or attacked by anyone. Instead, I've had a good couple of meaningful conversations and enjoyed this weird feeling of being a part of a community that kinda makes sense.

Way to go, Fosstodon. Way to go.

@xpil it's great here in the fediverse! i don't feel obligated to share my thoughts for clout, i want to share my thoughts to make people happy and make new friends. no data mining here

@xpil please go on! I enjoyed most of your shared dilbert stories…. ;)

@xpil the small community here is like a small town; I believe the small size makes the community nicer. Where a big city dehumanizes people, because they likely won’t see each other again, so bad behavior doesn’t weigh as much as it would in a small community.

@xpil stupid memes are the best toots we do. :)

If it was a poop and a toot, the apt word seems to be "shart".

@xpil late to the party here but I feel the same. I think it has to do with the smaller userbase and the ability to filter out posts to the instance you're on.

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