Hey, fellow Mastodonians, what is your favourite music, like genres or bands etc?

For me, it is blues (Ben Ezra, Fat Walters), piano jazz (Fazil Say, Mieczysław Kosz), classical guitar jazz (De Lucia, Di Meola), old eletronic (Jarre, Koto, Kraftwerk), a'capella covers (Pentatonix, Home Free), and traditional Irish music (Loreena McKennit, The Henry Girls, Altan, Anuna).

When coding, some mild electronic-trans is my sweet spot. Keeps me focused for prolonged time.

@xpil For me Melodic deathmetal, Progressive metal, glitchhop, pop-punk, chillout and euphoric hardstyle

I listen to almost everything though, and I have found good things in most genres, apart from R'n'B :p that's just not for me.

@xpil My music-taste is all over the place, but synth-wave-y / vapor-wave-y or lofi-ish stuff while coding is just the best imo :p

If you'd like to check out something new I'd recommend Salted, who did really interesting experimental stuff lately:

@xpil Just can't stop listening to Novo Amor. Feel like his music inspires and motivates me.

@xpil I'll listen to pretty much anything as long as the lyrics are clean. Don't really do country (folk is okay), prog, or screamo. Prefer pop-style song structures (ABABCBB).

Right there with you for a cappella! Have seen Rockapella live many times. Just picked up a Street Corner Symphony CD as well as a Gregorian chant disc in the bargain bin. Also got a Longest Johns CD to capitalize on the sea shanty thing.

@xpil My tastes are very mood and season specific I find. Some of my favorites are vaporwave and it's subgenres (Skylar Spence, Jam2go), industrial rap (clipping), activist hip hop (Brother Ali, Run The Jewels, Public Enemy), Techno Metal (MASTER BOOT RECORD), and dark ambient (Cryochamber Label, Hexsystem)

Honorable mentions being soundclown which is essentially memes as music and varying video game OSTs.

@xpil when coding, i'm currently into a mix of Ahmad Jamal, Bicep and anything by Zoë Keating

@xpil that's very simple: I listen to a song and either I like it or not. I'm not 13 years old to like a single genre

Mainly rock (prog/art/post). Artists like The Pineapple Thief, Steven Wilson, Leprous, VOLA, Rendezvous Point, Muse, Anathema, sometimes even some Yes or Dire Straits (Love Over Gold is a fine album).

I went through a Djent phase (Tesseract, Skyharbor, Ihlo, etc) but lost interest.

For coding: same but more ambient (Explosions In The Sky, Hammock, David Sylvian, Robin Guthrie, etc).

And once in a while I love me some tango courtesy of The Gotan Project.

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