Is there anyone around with any experience using HDMI capture cards in Linux? I got one that says "Linux compatible" but I'm struggling to get it working.

Bigger picture: I'm trying to make my Nikon D5200 into a webcam.

Sorted! Turns out, this class of devices (i.e. manufacturer + device id) is incorrectly recognized as a microphone (kernels 4.7 and later - issue raised long ago but nobody fixed it yet) and requires a custom binding / unbinding. Took me 3 days to figure it out but now I have a properly working high quality web cam built with my old Nikon D5200 and a pile of extra cables (2 x power, 1 x hdmi, 1 x usb). Go me!

@xpil ya, I have one of the USB compliant cheap ones, works fine with OBS.

@xpil mine worked out of the box but did not auto configure properly and needed tweaking. USB2 port worked best. Not sold on this whole USB compliance thing, audio or video. Just replaced my Presonus with a unit that has drivers in kernel. Far smoother experience.

@flay I've no USB 2.x ports in my laptop. 3 x "regular" USB 3.1 ports plus 1 x USB-C for DisplayPort output. Anyway, I'm out of battery on my DSLR now so I'm waiting for an AC battery pack before I can start tweaking around ;)

@xpil I have one now for my G series Panasonics (G7, G85). USB powered so you can use mains or a brick. They're awesome.

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