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"Things You Can And Can’t Do", by Jim Nielsen.


In a few words, this captures a wider philosophy and mentality:

you can’t make a user’s network faster [...]

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Raspberry Pi NAS Server now running on solar power. 2 Ironwolf 4TB drives, boot SSD and
Could have been much easier with a powerstation, but this was only about $270 Dollar including the 100 watt solar panel.

Today, I learned what PFO means. English is a very polite language :)

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Spelling the name of every operating system like Pop!_OS

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How dependent are you on Google products and services? (Web browser, Search engine, Advertising revenue, Android phones etc.)

Please boost this poll for more accurate results. Thanks!

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Dust Clouds of the Pacman Nebula

Image Credit & Copyright: Douglas J. Struble (Future World Media)

apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap220810.ht #APOD

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Was wondering what will happen if I were to run mkfs on file and this happened. Thought it was funny

Germans not using Ü instead of :) is a huge missed opportunity.

Clicking "Unsubscribe" at the bottom of a SurveyMonkey email newsletter requires a total of 4 clicks to actually unsubscribe. I thought the law required 1-click unsubscribe process.

Trying to test the new Mint 21. Installed OK. Connecting to network fails (no support for RTL88x2BU device).

Found a couple of solutions:

(1): forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic

(2): ip-life.net/install-realtek-rt

But they all require Internet access, so it's Catch 22.

I am dual-booting this machine, I have net access from Windows (which, by the way, supports this net adapter immediately without having to install anything).

Any ideas how I can get the driver to work in Linux in this scenario?


Currently reading: FUTU.RE by D Glukhovsky. Unlike Metro, which didn't click with me despite my many attempts, this one seems brilliant after reading the first 4 chapters. We'll see.

def IsComputerPoweredOn():
return True

... and of course there is always this beauty: biochemical-pathways.com/#/map

(here, the immune system is just a small piece of the whole thing).

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