... and of course there is always this beauty: biochemical-pathways.com/#/map

(here, the immune system is just a small piece of the whole thing).

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This machine is so complex we may never fully grasp it.



Kudos to the eggheads who managed to gather and publish all the data and even pretend to understand it here and there :)

"Email is a wonderful thing for people whose role in life is to be on top of things. But not for me; my role is to be on the bottom of things. What I do takes long hours of studying and uninterruptible concentration."

-- Donald Knuth

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how many these things are interesting to you? (have spent significant time on reading, studying, playing around with

- "forgotten" modernist women writers, stories and travelogues
- constructive mathematics, category theory, type theory
- evo-devo, evolutionary group dynamics, etc
- prose poetry, literary experimentation, and gertrude stein style sound-first things
- C programming, compiler design, etc
- angsty and weird 90s/00s movies of greece, thai, jp, taiwan...
- diatoms and slime moulds and other cute and smalls
- hand carpentry, making own furniture etc
- lesser known language and mythology, related linguistics and archaology, etc
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I'm actively looking for a new job, after take a break for 2 months. Currently I'm faced with the "problem" that most of the positions that I find aren't interesting to me, in addition to me to being really sure of what i want to do.

Things that currently interest me:
- #rust
- functional programming #fp
- #postgres
- #NixOS

Things that I would like to avoid:
- C# / Java
- frondend stuff
- golang
- windows


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Things I was ashamed of when I was younger but I don't care anymore: I'm a misophonic. This makes my social life really tough. I discovered it in the age of 10 but didn't tell anyone until around 8 years ago. I was afraid of people laughing at me. One day I discovered that I wasn't alone: some 8% of the human population suffers from misophonia (aka SSSS). There is no cure and it is unlikely there will ever be. This is also the main reason most of my friendships are on-line.

What's your story?

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Bit of a weird question. Has anyone compiled a list of the requirements different websites have for passwords? It's for a thing.

Boosts appreciated!

This is absolutely ridiculous and makes no sense whatsoever. Still, makes me giggle.

The difference between (A) and (B) is subtle but important. Both will produce a 10-digit string. (A) uses OS level PRNG based on whatever entropy the OS can provide. (B) uses Mersenne Twister PRNG.

(A): ''.join(random.SystemRandom().choice(string.digits) for _ in range(10))

(B): ''.join(random.choices(string.digits, k=10))

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