"The best thing about being a statistician is that you get to play in everyone's backyard."

-- John Tukey

After 2 weeks on Windows 11 I found three minor issues:

(1) You cannot drag-and-drop a document onto the taskbar app icon anymore (it's not a bug; it's a feature; a weird one though)

(2) The explorer.exe process ocassionally restarts after clicking the clock/calendar thingy

(3) Defender is switched off by default after each restart (I have to enable it every time I reboot my Windows box).

Everything else works as expected, no major differences between this and Win 10.

Convert string to uppercase in bash?


echo "I am a string" | tr '[:lower:]' '[:upper:]'

What about Unicode?

echo "jalapeño" | tr '[:lower:]' '[:upper:]' doesn't work:


Solution: use the Unicode::Tussle library (metacpan.org/pod/Unicode::Tuss)

echo jalapeño | uc


There is also lc and tc (lower case, title case).

But beware of some edge cases. For instance Greek sigma (Σ) has two lowercase variants depending on position of the letter in a word - but lc doesn't know about it

Some people feel obligated to get insulted on-line every now and then; they will use any opportunity to get there.

If you are one of them, seek no more: pangloss.com/seidel/Shaker/

A bunch of finest insults in old English, by William S. himself.

Enjoy! :)

A quick question to my fellow Fosstodonians: I need a simple way of switching my keyboard between 2 computers. It's a wireless keyboard but it has a usb charging cable. When the usb is connected, the keyboard serves the PC it is connected to, otherwise it automatically switches to the wireless dongle in the other PC.

Now, I have two options:

Option 1: a KVM
Option 2: a usb cable with an on/off switch (similar to: i.imgur.com/GBEfNoe.png)

Which way would you go in this case?

You know that tiny little thing connecting the fiber optic cable coming out of your house to the fiber optic cable going to your internet provider's infrastructure?

It is made of plastic.

Fiber is glass, so you have: glass||plastic||glass.

When the temperatures rise, the thing simply breaks because of difference in thermal expansion coefficients between materials.

This is the reason I had to borrow my neighbour's internet for the last couple of days.

Fixed now, back to normal.

Rebooting my OVH VPS (Ubuntu Server, 2 core CPU, 3GB RAM): less than 3 seconds.

Rebooting my home laptop (Mint, 12 core CPU, 32GB RAM): 38 seconds.

(reboot time measured with ping i.e. from when the machine stopped responding to pings to when is came back online)

Them VMs, huh?

What's the oldest piece on your favourite playlist?

Mine is "Railroad" by Bella Fleck. Not sure why, but I really enjoy it for all these years.


The second oldest is "Le Piano d'Abigail" by Saint Preux. The whole album. It's a mesterpiece from times when electronic music was only waking up as a genre. I don't like his other albums but this one is simply incredible.

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