"Contact Front", the first book of the "Drop Trooper" series is like a burger at McDonald's. Predictable and not exactly exquisite at all but... once you take the first bite, you'll consume the whole thing and it's not going to be terrible.

If you like fast paced action in space, with fancy pants tech and rough military sarcasm, give it a shot. You're not gonna be disappointed.

So, this is a graph representation of one of core entities in a project I'm working on currently. Generated automatically off a database, using sfdp layout engine and a pinch of bash/sql scripting. I love .DOT language for its simplicity in representing graph data. It is very easy to automate these things with minimal effort.

My git says:

`dangling blob 9a5dbe5fa3a079206e45a9a83640c8fa4aebbf71`

So, with apparently dangling blob, should I see a doctor or just take some Nurofen and hope for the best? Is this serious? Can it affect my blood pressure?

"Debugging is twice as hard as writing the code in the first place. Therefore, if you write the code as cleverly as possible, you are, by definition, not smart enough to debug it."

-- B. Kernighan

Synology NAS does not support Yubikey 2FA.

They allow 2FA with Authy/GA but not Yubi.

I wonder why.

It is a shame that the very first bit of an information I'm getting from Linux Mint is that something failed.

Note to self: I need to clean my monitor...

Now solved properly: mounted Synology share locally, added an rsync entry to fstab. Works like a charm.

Over and out!

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Interesting place, the Internet, isn't it?


You're entering on your own risk.


"The better we get at getting better, the faster we will get better."

-- Douglas Engelbart

(kind of)

The rsync client on the source box was outdated. It still is. It's an old Synology box, I don't even want to know how to update rsync on it.

I copied all required files from it to a Linux PC in the same LAN, then rsync from that Linux PC to the final target.

Now I need to figure out a one-way sync from Synology box to the Linux box but that should be a breeze.

Thanks for all the answers.

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P.S. According to the documentation, rsync *should* be available in the target system, but when trying to run it, I'm getting:

rsync error: rsync service is no running (code 43) at io.c(687) [sender=3.0.9]

Local rsync service is up and running.

scp works fine on individual files but I need a synchronization, not a full-copy-of-everything.

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Any way of copying a large (1000+) number of files+folders over an ssh link with scp but without overwriting target files that are already there?

I can only use scp. No shell on remote system. No rsync. No other tools. All I know is login details, host name and target root folder.

I've spent the 2 last hours googling the issue, no joy.

Hints, anyone?

Tested MATE desktop recently. It is stable but kinda raw. Back to Cinnamon now.

The only thing I liked better was editing icon properties on a panel. Cinnamon requires some extra kung-fu here while in MATE you just right-click and edit properties.

I would like to give LMDE a shot one day but it is not as simple as `sudo apt install cinnamon`. We'll see.

"Thirteen", a SciFi crime thriller by Richard K. Morgan (yes, this is the guy who wrote "Altered Carbon"!) is an absolute must-read if you are into SF literature. It has the "umph", and a lot of it. Mars colonization, genetic engineering, incredible fight scenes, interesting predictions on how religions could evolve in the next 100 years (hint: they wouldn't really). Lots and lots of goodies.

Apt updating itself is like baron Munchausen pulling himself up on his hair :)

LibreOffice Calc is one of my major pain points with Linux.

Today's discovery: I need 2 clicks to remove duplicate cell values in a column in Excel. I need 12 clicks to do the same in Calc. Not to mention that the clicks aren't obvious; it took me a while to google the right way.


fosstodon.org comes up by default when I press "f" in my Firefox address bar. Success!


I like Signal's three-state message delivery status icon: one for sent, another one for delivered, and the 3rd one for read. Simple. Informative. Unobtrusive.

I wasted half a day today trying to put a signature (a png file) into a single PDF document.

With Windows/Acrobar Reader, it is a 30 seconds task.

I tried Xournal, Okular and Acroreader@Wine. None of them worked, plus Wine crashed my PC. Twice

I finally found the "Export" feature of LibreOffice Draw working correctly, ish. Still, it is a painful process. There should be a native PDF tool similar to Acrobat Reader that would understand signing documents etc.

OK I found a workaround. Ugly, but works: add a separate LAUNCHER panel, then add Firefox Dev item there (with icon), then it asks if I want to add it to the menu (I do), then remove the launcher panel and pin the newly created menu item to the existing panel.

It works but it is overly complicated and I would not expect a non-technical user to be able to figure it out easily.

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