I love but it's really hard to stick with it. Linux does not work on my PC with driver, so I disable it from the start. Whenever I try to install non-free driver, it always breaks my system(except with pop-os, but not for long) πŸ˜“πŸ˜“

Installing guix on virtual box. guix is kind of like arch since it downloads packages on demand.

Choose Only one for your entire life
( Can't fit haiku in there πŸ˜… - feel free to comment if you are a haiku user )

Software I on daily basis
Debian :debian: with XFCE :xfce:
linueage os :lineageos2: Fdroid :fdroid:
Firefox :firefoxnew: with searX on PC and
Bromite with DDG :duckduckgo: on Mobile
Signal for messaging and Protonmail :protonmail: for email.
love❀️❀️ each and everyone of them. Thanks for existing.


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