I am currently learning computer science on my own( I love CS). I am a bit confused. At what point of my journey can I get a job or eligible for job(Imposter syndrome I guess)

@xn17 Pretty much at any point. There isn't direct correlation between learning computer science and getting a job in the industry. It's like any other line of business. You don't need a business degree to start your own company. You sure don't need CS degree or even CS book knowledge to start reading and fixing up docs or contribute to opensource programs, or to write complex computer programs.

@xn17 as soon as you can read and write real code. Does not have to be complex, just useful.

@xn17 and only in one lang. Dont need to know 10 to start a job

@xn17 I recommend trying to get an internship if you can. You usually don't need much experience at all, and most are paid from what I've seen.
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